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Pasadena Premises Liability Attorney

Injured on the premises of another?

There are many situations that can lead to an injury while visiting the property of another person, business, government office, or even walking down the street. Faulty wiring can leave you susceptible to electrocution; swimming pools can have faulty gates leading to drowning accidents, and many other types of injuries, including slip & fall or others.

Whether you're visiting a facility or working there, the owners have a responsibility to provide a safe, healthy environment for you to visit.  If you have been injured on the premises of another business or person, it is important that you pursue legal action with the help of a Pasadena personal injury attorney. Without legal representation from an attorney from our firm, you could be vulnerable to having to pay medical bills that can quickly skyrocket, as well as having to deal with injuries that prove to be serious, causing long-term pain and discomfort.  Lawyers at the Pacific Attorney Group are available to discuss your particular situation and provide you with seasoned legal advice on how to proceed.

Premises Liability Cases in Altadena and Alhambra

With over 35 years of collective legal experience, we can help you create the best case possible following an accident at a facility, and will fight tirelessly to recover a fair settlement in your case.  We will thoroughly investigate your case and determinate what your options are and guide you through the process of filing for compensation.

Don't let a building owner's failure to provide a safe, healthy environment set you back financially and affect your health.  By cutting corners and taking steps that put your health in danger, building owners are putting you and everyone else there at risk of personal injury.  Stand up for your legal rights and hold those who failed their duties accountable.  We can help.

Contact a Pasadena personal injury attorney to discuss your situation and learn more about the legal options in your case.


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