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Pasadena Car Accident Attorney

Regarding Car Accident Claims

Many people in this area of southern California drive long distances to get to and from work on a daily basis.  Even if you don't actually have to drive that far, rush hour traffic can make it seem like a long trip.  With larger trucks and big rigs crowding close to passenger cars, evading aggressive or distracted drivers makes arriving safely at your destination a challenge.  Speeding, reckless or drunk drivers are hazards that not everyone in successful at avoiding.  If you have suffered injuries as a result of another driver's negligence, it is vital that you seek the assistance of a Pasadena personal injury attorney right away.

Car Accident Lawyer also serving Alhambra and Altadena

Sometimes the cause of a car accident isn't so obvious.  Cars, vans, trucks and buses can have a design defect or a defective automotive component or other defective product could be the actual cause of the accident or your injuries.  For example, the collision may have been the result of a defective tire blowing out.  Some airbags over inflate and explode or fail to inflate at all causing severe injuries.  An investigation conducted by an experienced car accident lawyer with our firm may turn up an unexpected cause for your accident.  Identifying all possible defendants in your case maximizes the compensation available to you in your car accident claim.

A successful personal injury suit depends upon correctly identifying the negligence which caused the mishap.  Our legal team works with you to find out the facts and determine who is responsible.  California traffic laws are a great resource in getting the insurance company of a negligent driver to understand the accident was in fact caused by their insured.  You shouldn't have to pay for expenses caused by someone else's wrong behavior.  Consult a skilled personal injury lawyer with Pacific Attorney Group.  Call today for an appointment.

Contact a Pasadena car accident attorney with our firm to discuss your accident and your claim for damages.


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