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Pasadena Bus Accident Attorney

Compensation for victims of Bus Accidents

More people now depend upon public transportation to commute to and from work and other destinations.  Private bus companies are a popular means of transportation to other areas of the state and a variety of entertainments on weekends and holidays.  Statistically buses are a safer method of travel than most others, but because of the number of passengers and other factors when an accident occurs it can be cause very serious injuries to passengers and drivers and passengers of the vehicles involved.  If you have sustained injuries or lost a loved one in a bus accident you have a limited amount of time to speak with a Pasadena personal injury attorney and file your claim for compensation.

Bus Accident Lawyer also serving in Altadena and Alhambra

Bus companies are required to maintain a high standard of maintenance and their operators must be trained and qualified to drive the vehicle.  When an accident does occur, failure to observe any of these regulations can be the cause.  Speed of travel, lack of safety restraints for passengers, the effect their height has upon their center of gravity and the sheer weight of the vehicle can cause serious injuries as passengers can be thrown around the inside of the bus.  Collisions with pedestrians, other vehicles, curbs and stationary objects can turn a routine trip into a tragedy.  City and local government bus transportation facilities are protected by a number of complex laws which make it more difficult for an injured person to obtain compensation for injuries.  A bus accident lawyer with our firm has the knowledge and extensive experience required to successfully file claims for damages on behalf of injured passengers, drivers and pedestrians.

The causes of an accident can range from operator error, to a defect in the manufacturing of the bus, or negligence on the part of another party.  If you were injured in a bus accident you have limited time in which to file your claim.  Consult a personal injury lawyer soon by calling Pacific Attorney Group.

Contact a Pasadena bus accident attorney with our firm for help with your claim for compensation.


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