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Pasadena Birth Injury Attorney

About Birth Injury from medical error

Birth defects and birth injuries are two very different situations.  A birth defect is usually the result of a genetic condition or a toxic exposure during pregnancy.  Birth injuries are usually the result of deficient prenatal care, the birth process or poor post-natal care.  This means that birth injuries can be the result of negligence.  It isn't necessary to face this situation alone.  If you have a child with a birth injury, talk with aPasadena personal injury attorney with many years of expertise in assisting families with birth injury claims related to medical malpractice.

Birth Injury Lawyer Serving Altadena and Alhambra

Birth can be a difficult experience for a baby at the best of times.  Exhausted or inexperienced labor and delivery room personnel can cause unnecessary birth trauma. Failure on the part of medical personnel to recognize or respond to fetal distress can result in injuries ranging from minor to severe.   Instruments used to assist in the delivery of a baby can cause facial scarring, skull fractures, brain injury, or spinal cord injuries.  Some other injuries which can occur in a poorly managed labor and delivery include bone fractures, oxygen deprivation, shoulder dystocia injury, cerebral palsy, erb's palsy and epilepsy.  A birth injury lawyer with our firm experienced in investigating incidents of medical malpractice will act quickly to secure all available evidence concerning the treatment of mother and child throughout the pregnancy and delivery process.

It is very important to take action quickly as there is a statute of limitations regarding filing a personal injury action and fetal monitor and other vital records can go missing from medical charts over time.  Witnesses and attending medical personnel can move out of the area and memories of what happened can fade.  For sound advice as to various resources and your options, consult a skilled personal injury lawyer with Pacific Attorney Group right away.

Contact a Pasadena birth injury attorney with our firm who is prepared to fight for your child's future.


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